Stuff around Quark

Quark documentation - Official Quark documentation

Quark default options - In Quark documentation

Official Jekyll site


Jekyll variables

Jekyll collections

Creating a gem-based theme: custom theme


Plugins installations

Dashboard Plugin - A dashboard for at-a-glance knowledge of the health of the Jekyll ecosystem

Jekyll Picture Tag - Responsive Images done correctly, documentation here


Minima, Jekyll default theme

Minimal Mistake, a theme with Skins (color variations)

Post excerpts - How to manage excerpts (used for meta description)

Elsewhere on the web

Gem Based Themes

Jekyll Doc Theme - Jekyll Template for Project Websites

Creating Gem Based Themes For Jekyll - How I Built Starving Artist Jekyll Theme


Jekyll Cheat Sheet - Learn Jekyll & CloudCannon


JekyllConf - The free, online global conference for all things Jekyll

Markdown - Kramdown

Kramdown is the default Markdown renderer for Jekyll.

Read more about Markdown Processing

Tips & Markdown by

Jekyll Tips, Adding Styling To Html Output - by Justin James


Liquid documentation - Safe, customer-facing template language for flexible web apps

Jekyll Tags Filters

Stylesheets for syntax highlighting - Include a highlighting stylesheet

Code snippet highlighting - Jekyll has built in support for syntax highlighting of over 100 languages thanks to Rouge. Rouge is the default highlighter in Jekyll 3 and above.

Discoveries by learning Jekyll

Github stuff

WebFX Emoji Cheat Sheet - Emoji Cheat Sheet, they can be used on Github - A a service for concise, consistent, and legible badges in SVG and raster format, also on Github

Made Mistakes

The personal site of Michael Rose (the guy from Minimal Mistake theme)

Made Mistakes - How I’m (Michael Rose) using Jekyll in 2017

Going static: using Jekyll CMS free


Staticman - Static sites with superpowers

Jekyll Directory - Community-built themes and plugins to level up your Jekyll experience - Deploying a Jekyll site with a Rakefile

Sticker Mule - Custom stickers that kick ass

jekyll-embed-video - Tips for video by nathancy (Nathan Lam)

Jekyll-Bootstrap - The Quickest Way to Blog on GitHub Pages

Investigating Jekyll for versioned content - by Just Write Click blog